Hospitality design firm Bill Rooney Studio, Inc. provides interior design services for select hotel properties and residential commissions that require one-of-a-kind solutions. Each design is alluring and distinctive, achieving the maximum result from the investment made by our clients.

Our design process reflects our commitment to providing bespoke design solutions for each client. We begin with a research phase, to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the project mandate, goals, and clientele. No two projects are alike, so we work to define and deliver the hallmarks of success for your specific project. Throughout the project, we engage all project stake-holders to facilitate decision-making and ensure the end product fulfills the vision. Firm principals and senior designers maintain a high level of personal interaction with the client and build relationships that last long beyond the completion of the project.

Whether your property is an independent boutique hotel or part of a larger brand, we infuse the design with nuanced choices that make the overall experience unique and memorable for the clientele. Our designs help hospitality brands build guest loyalty.

Our award-winning designs have earned the admiration of clients, developers, brands, and the press. We invite you to view our portfolio to see selected examples of our interior design work.


Bill Rooney

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